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Connecting bytes, sharing bites.

 Project Name 



 August - November 2017


 Koh Jing Ting, Valerie Koh

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The Brief

Develop a vision on the future of food through several dimensions of design, from what we will eat to how we will produce and share it, from product design to service design.

Tackling the Brief

How can digitalisation change the way we consider food? What new experiences can it bring to us? How can it challenge our traditional eating experiences?

From our observations, we felt that getting distracted by technology was becoming a social norm. People want to stay connected, yet they turn to their phones when faced with reasons, such as non-relatable conversations, at the table. This dilutes our appreciation for the food, and causes us to lose the intimacy built during shared dining experiences.


Co. is a concept restaurant that aims to rekindle the intimate dining experience. We thrive to bring new forms of connections into our meals, allowing dining to be about food and people again.

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A data processor will analyse the data that diners have synced, to sieve out common themes, interests, and stories within the group. This data would inform our chefs on overarching themes and suggest- ed ingredients, whom are then free to conceptualise a menu inspired by these stories. Over the course of the meal, spend the time to discover more about one another’s interests and habits.

Check out the video for more information or the infographic for an overview of Co's system.

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