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A multi-player video game for Down Syndrome children.


 NUS Makerthon 2019 - Won 2nd Runner Up

 Project Name 



 December 2018


 Carina Lim, Chua Yu Xuan, Srivatsa P


The Brief

Leverage on ingenuity and modern technology to help children with mental/physical disabilities.

Tackling the Brief

The driving force behind our project is our desire to create shared moments of joy for Down Syndrome (DS) children and their families to experience together. Many products designed for DS people are problem-oriented, but what we want to create instead is a product that celebrates the lives of DS children.

Based on desk research and interviews, we found some common characteristics of DS children and the challenges they face to help us craft our problem statement. How might we improve on the emotional intelligence of a child with Down syndrome such that they are able to self-regulate their emotions and find meaning in building relationships through play and shared moments of joy?

The Project

DITO is a multi-player video game that enables children with Down Syndrome to connect with others through play; learn more about the world of emotions; and engage in imaginative world building.

Four wooden blocks when connected to the game, transform into various tools that can be used in different scenarios. Players will go through a series of Lands and interact with characters that are experiencing various emotions. Through certain narratives, such as learning breathing exercises to combat frustration, or talking about why we sometimes feel sad, children will gain a toolkit to effectively develop emotional intelligence.

The engaging nature of video games can provide positive lessons while not being overtly educational or therapeutic. Furthermore video games can provide a fun, shared experience for DS children and their family members. The use of multiple, large controllers also aids in developing fine motor skills through complex movements. Combining the complex narratives with the imaginative power of video games, we create a multi-player video game for DS children and their families.

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