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3D resin printed origami jewelry.

 Project Name 



 May 2016


The Project

Origami is traditionally made using a piece of paper. In this project I try to capture the intricate folds within the origami that paper cannot capture. Through the use of 3D printing, a translucent material was used to create the final product.

I decided on the fortune origami (middle bottom row) as it was reminiscent of my childhood. I liked how the shape could change depending on how the fingers move. The kinetic factor was an area I tried to explore in my future iterations.

Fortune ring.png

Using 3D modelling software Rhino, I experimented at different opening stages to explore suitable forms and also played around with colours. Branding and packaging designs were also tested out.

Packaging layout.png

Final design was 3D printed in clear resin and hand sanded down to a frosted effect.

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