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A commentary on fabric waste.


 The Conscious Festival 2018 @ Parkroyal Pickering 

 Project Name 

 Pillow Talk


 September - November 2018


 Sheryl Ang


The Project

Waste, as marketed by its name, is usually seen as an undesirable product. In this installation, fabric scraps were granted a second life – having an elevated status by being framed as art. In doing so, the pillows re-imagine fabrics more meaningfully.


The pillows tell a story of their origins. Displayed in a similar manner to a colour chart, each pillow is linked to its specific brand of origin. The artwork draws links to the original owners of the fabric into a new cohesive storyline.


Pillow Talk demonstrates the possibilities for unwanted materials to be desirable. It is a calling for other designers/artists to see the potential of scrap fabrics as a source of material.

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