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Using familiar artefacts in a strange context.

 Project Name 

 Reimagined Doorbells


 August - November 2018


 Deborah Loh, Clement Defenin

new end photo 4.png

The Brief

Explore the subject “Surprise”. What triggers a moment of surprise?

Discover narratives and manipulate forms & materials to create unexpected responses and delight in a functioning object.

Tackling the Brief

Our initial direction was focused on re-imagining the sound of the doorbell. But we were limited by this as we approached the context as a means of creating a more pleasantly sounded doorbell. Our turning point was when we realised that for a doorbell, the element of surprise need not necessarily be about the element of sound. Rather, the surprise in doorbells can lie in the manifestation of the outside interaction inside. 

doorbell sketches.jpg

Through our exploration we’ve come up with a series of curious objects that invert the identity of a doorbell, with each doing it in their own special way. As a whole, they speculate what doorbells could become. We wanted to pay more attention to this emotional connection between the visitor and the visited. By tapping on familiar artefacts in a strange context, we speculate new possibilities of what doorbells can become. What new surprising ways can a visitor inform the homeowner? What other interactions could manifest indoors?

new end photo 4.png

1 – Knocks 

By pulling the ball away from the door and releasing it, it produces a pleasant tactile sound. Shortly after, an echo of the sound is produced and the ball jumps back out. This interaction outside creates an effect indoors that is not only of sound but also visual engagement.

2 – Flutter

Hearing only the sound of wind gushing but clueless to its effect, a sense of suspense is felt by the visitor. Meanwhile, a balloon on the inside starts to inflate and at a certain tension point it is released from the nozzle, producing the fluttering sound of a deflating balloon, informing the homeowner that someone is at the door.

3 – Scent

Hanging from the door lies a strange dangling tassel. After picking it up, it’s soft nature allows it to be squeezed and perfume is spritzed. The smell is diffused throughout the room, and the person inside is alerted with a whiff of the scent.

4 – Pop

A wheel spins in and out of a soapy solution and bubbles start to float on the other side. The bubbles that are carried through the air help to notify the person behind the door of another person’s presence.

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